1st Mission Report


Mabuhay from the Philippines!

God is great!!!

We had to change our plans and do our Evangelistic Crusades in Metro Manila due to our fund raising was not enough to allow us to go to Iloilo City on Iloilo island.

We thank God for always making a way! Thank you Pastor Lourdman Cabuenos, his church, Tameion City Church, for being able to change plans so quickly!!

We had a safe and long trip. It took 34 hours of flying and layovers to get to the Philippines. Thank God for your strength! The Joy of the Lord is our strength!
Traffic so bad in Metro Manila. Much worse that last time we were here. Takes 3 hours to get half way across Metro Manila, when it use to take 1 1/2 hours. We have to leave 3-4 hours early to make sure we get to the crusades! But praise God we will make it thru!!

1st Sunday Service
Church of the Living Faith – Valenzuela
Due to flooding and mud that destroyed the original church, Hope Church in Marikina City, where we were planning on going to, we moved to Pastor Elmer Arnaiz’s Church of the Living Faith in Valenzuela.
Pastor Elemer is the brother of our great friends Amy & Bill Hess from St Louis, MO.
They bought the rice for this service and 50 families where feed! May God bless them for the seed they sowed!
God moved and many people got healed and 5 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Praise God!

Healing Testimony:
Older lady ask for prayer for her arthritis knee. After praying for her, she could move her knee with no pain. Expressing of shock on her face was priceless. To God goes all the Glory and Honor!
Rizalina prayed for several ladies who had cancer including sister-in-law of Amy. God touched these ladies with His Shalom, His perfect peace!
Salvations: 5 people
Families Feed: 50

1st Crusade
ACRES Church – Camarin, Novaliches
Glory to God! What a mighty way God touch His children!!
Words cannot express how much love God gave to me for His children here. He loved on them so much and healed so many people. May people where healed of migraine headache and lower back pain.
Rizalina prayed for so many all them women who had cancer. God showered them with His peace! Glory to God!

Healing Testimonies:
Older man came forward for prayer and he could not move his right arm above his shoulder. While praying for him, I felt something pop in his shoulder. He then was able to move it above his head with no pain! Glory to God!!
A young man was blind and could not hear. After praying over him, God touched him and he could see me and tell me how many figures I was holding up. He could hear me clearly out of one ear, and the other ear was about 50%. God you are so Good! We know he will be 100% in the other ear soon!
A baby boy had a high fever. After praying for him I noticed he was alert and then by end of the healing service he was smiling and playing around! Thank you Jesus!! A young boy had stomach pain and his tummy was hard. After we prayed for him and had him run around the stage, he felt better and stomach was not hard anymore!
Salvations: 100+ people
Families Feed: 100

Our God is the God who Heals! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Thank you for all you who partner with us!
Please continue to pray for us for His presence and His anointing in every crusade!!
You have a great reward from God for your assistance.

God Bless You!