3rd Mission Report


Mabuhay from the Philippines!

We are so blessed to be a part of what God is doing here in the Philippines!!!

4th Crusade
Jesus Our Shepherd – Queensland, Novaliches
This is Pastor Vic Cabuenos, we have know him for 18 years! Love This mighty man of God!
Over 90 people gave there heart to Jesus!!! God moved so powerfully here! The anointing was so very strong! He touch many people and healed them!!
Many children healed of cough! Prayed for some many people with high blood pressure, asthma, and back pain. We know and believe God has healed them all!! To God be the Glory!!

Healing Testimonies:
Rizalina prayed for a lady with stomach pain and God healed her instanstaly.
I prayed for a lady who could not see clearly out of her left eye. God touched her and healed her! Glory to God!
A lady came up with her baby for healing of her blury vision. God cleared up her vision! Oh you are so good God!!!
A teenage girl came forward, she had surgery for a growth on her left side of her skill. She wanted healing of all her motor skills issues. While praying for her, I felt the power of God come over her. She could feel it has well, She also felt popping in her head. God told me He was healing the damage areas of her brain. God healed her!!! God told me she was going be a ballerina. When I tolder her this she cried. It was her dream that she has been believing God for!! I know she will be an awesome ballerina for God!!! Thank you Jesus!!!
Prayed for a lady who had breast cancer, while praying for her she felt God touch her and the lump in her brest started to disolve! Glory to God!!
A older lady came forward in a wheel chair. She had a stroke it paralyzed her left size. While praying for her, I could feel the healing power of God so very strong, I almost feel down. She got up from wheel chair and took a few steps!! We are beliving God will totally healing for her!!
Salvations: 90+ people
Families Feed: 100

5th Crusade
Word People Church – Batasan (outside Marikina)
What a precious church in the eyes of God! While on the way to this church, God told me this was a special church to Him! We had to walk down a very long and steep hill to get to the church. They were so open for God to move!!
Over 50 people gave thier heart to Jesus!!!
So many headache and back pain God healed!!!!

Healing Testimonies:
I prayed for a teenage girl who had a severe problem with her lungs. While praying for her I felt power of God over her back and saw God healing her lungs! She took a deep breath and she could tell is was better. Her eyes got real big when she realized God healed her! To God goes all the Glory!!
A lady came forward with blury vision, after laying hands on her and praying for her, she could see better and bluriness was gone! Glory to God!
An older lady came forward for blury vision. God touched her and healed her eye site!
While we were walking back to vehicle after the Crusde, a lady brought her daughter for me to pray for migraine. I layed hands on her and prayed, then God healed her! Thank you Jesus. Then a man on side of the road, who was watching, said “Pray for my heart”. He was having pain in his chest area. I prayed for him and pain was gone. The look on his face said it all! What a mighty God we serve! Praise God!!
Salvations: 50+ people
Families Feed: 100

Our God is the God who Heals! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Thank you for all you who partner with us!
Please continue to pray for us for His presence and His anointing in every crusade!!
You have a great reward from God for your assistance.

God Bless You!