4th Mission Report


Mabuhay from the Philippines!

God you are sooooooooo Good!!

Sorry this last report is late, I got sick before leaving the Philippines, and could not write it. More on that later.

6th Crusade
Christ the Risen Savior Church – Dumalay, Novaliches
What an amazing God we serve! Worship was so incredible here! Pastor, Romy Analupa, was just like me! We loves to have fun when preaching!
God healed so many people! His Love for His children is so strong!!
So many people healed with headache and back and stomach pain!

Healing Testimonies:
A lady came forward who had a very bad migraine and back pain. God healed her!! Thank you Jesus!
Rizalina prayed for a lady who had blury vision. After she prayed for her. Her vision was cleared up! Glory to God!
A mother with a her young daughter in her arms came forward for prayer for her migraine. As I was praying for her, her young daughter put her hand on mind and helped me pray for her mother. God removed her migraine!!
An older lady came forward for prayer for arthritis and God touch her and held her!! Thank you Jesus!!
Salvations: 50+ people
Families Feed: 100

2nd Sunday
Santa Ana, Dagonoy – Metro Manila
We added this at the last minute. This is Rizalina’s home town and neighborhood. She wanted to blessed the people and have a feeding outreach to them. We paid for the rice and candy for the children ourselves, since we were done the JIC crusades.
Rizalina family all came over for the service! Older people came to service because they all knew Rizalina when she lived there.
After we prayed for people, Rizalina shared her testimony.
During alter call, everyone saids they already accepted Jesus ass their Lord and Savior! Which is awesome to see! Praise the Lord!
My wife’s nephew’s wife, Thess, was my interpreter, she did a great job!
We prayed for alot of people in that hot upper room! So many people crammed in like sardines! ūüôā
Healing Testimonies:
I prayed for a lady who had breathing problems and God healed her! Thank you Jesus!!
One of my wife’s niece came up to pray for her back. God helped her and the look on her face when she got healed was awesome! Glory to God!
I prayed an older man who had arthritis in his legs and God healed him! Praise God!
Families Feed: 50

Do it again Lord, Do it again!
My wife started to say that after the 1st crusade and it became what we said every morning before we left for the crusades! Do it again, Lord! Do it again!! And God did!!
Thank you Jesus!!!
We are so grateful and blessed that God used us to touch His children!
It was amazing to see so many mothers bring their 1 & 2 week old babies to the crusade!

Over 415 people gave their heart to the Lord! Praise God!
With your help partners, we were able to feed over 765 families!!

We know we gave a blow to the devil, because 2 days before we left I got very sick (dehydration and fever) and had to get IVs and had a nurse to say with us in the hotel.
Thank God the blood work came back negative 12 hours before our flight so I could leave the Philippines! Thank you Jesus!
Once we got home, Rizalina got sick. We are both fine now.
Thank you all for your prayers. Jesus is in Charge! Hallelujah! Glory to God!

Total Salvations: 415+ people
Total Families Feed: 765+

Our God is the God who Heals! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Thank you to all who partner and prayed for us!
You have a great reward from God!

We love you all!

God Bless You!