February 2013 Mission Trip!!

Greatings/Mabuhay in the Name of Jesus!
What a mighty God we serve!
We have seen God move in an amazing ways early in our mission trip!
Thank you partners/friends for your support and continued prayers!!

Wanted to tell everyone about a miracle that we recieved in the mail before we left USA.
We had gotten a letter canceling a $2,000 bill! Thank you Jesus!!!

One of the things I did NOT miss about Philippines is Manila traffic. On trips that should only take 20-30mins it takes 2-3 hrs!
God protected us on two occasions when a big bus almost hit us – thank you Jesus for Ps 91 protection!!
For those who had never expierenced Manila traffic, let just say that drivers do not stay in their lanes and create new lines between cars to get thru. Motorcycles swerve in and out traffic and between cars! It’s a wonder more folks are not hurt here that already are.

Friday Feb 15, 2013
Pastor Meeting – JOSF – Novaliches
We had such an amazing time with the pastors of the churches which will be host to our crusades this year.
God moved in our service and He had an amazing word for each of them!
I shared with the pastors what God had on my heart for them – God loves His Pastors so much!! He knows how hard they work and how they have to believe for every centavos every day! He is so very proud of each and every one of them!
At end of meeting, the pastors picked up the tickets and bags of rice that JOSF had bagged for them for their crusade.
The joy the pastors had in their steps and faces in anticipation of what God was going to do was so amazing to see!!

I cannot wait to see these words that God had for for these mighty men of God to come to pass!

Saturday Feb 16, 2013
1st Crusade – JOSF – Novaliches
What an Amazing God we have!
God allowed us to love on His people with His Word and His provision!
God placed on my heart to share with the people how much He Loves them and just how deep that love is!
God wants to have a close imtiment relationship with each one of His children so much that He sent His only son, Jesus
to die on the cross for so the Father can have a relationship with each on of us!! God longs for a relationship with each of us!
Oh how God so longs to fellowship with His children! If you have not taken time to spend with Him, I would encourage you to take time now!
Better watch it I feel like preaching now!
Families Fed: 200 families were given rice! Thank you so much partners, you help make this happen!
Salvations: 175 people gave their life to Christ! Glory to God!
God multiplied the rice and we had 20 extra 2-kilo bags left over after we handed out the 200 that were for this crusade! What an amazing God we serve!
We prayed for a lot of people and God healed many. Here are some of miracles that God did:

  • I prayed for 2 young boys under age of 3, that had fever and flu. One of them I told to run back and forth and his fever left him and he was smiling!
    The other one’s fever broke by end of the service and his mother came and told me about it. The boy was playing with the other kids.
  • I prayed for a lady who had headache and I had her shake her head very quickly side to side, she was heal immediately! Praise God!
  • I prayed for an older lady who could not see very well. After praying for her and asking her to read sign in back of the church. Then, she could see it clearly!! Thank you Jesus!

  • Sunday Feb 17, 2013

    Sunday Service – JOSF –Novaliches
    God is Great!! Today I preached in Jesus Our Savior Fellowship (JOSF) Sunday Service. God had be teach on how God wants a heart to heart, face to face relationship with each one of us.
    I encourage them to spend time alone with God worshiping Him, reading the bible, praying, and listening to God thru their spirit-man (our conscience)!
    We had a lot of fun – I like to involve crowd in my sermons, especially the children!
    Also, we thank God for JOSF kitchen staff for feeding us so much delicious/masarap food! Filipinos are very hospitable and very sweet!!
    We prayed for a lot of people and God healed many. Here are some of miracles that God did:

  • An older lady had cataracts and could not see, I layed hands on her and prayed for her. I asked her to read sign in back of the church, she still could not see it, so I prayed again. This time I felt the power of God go into her eyes and then I asked her to read sign – she could!!
  • A lady asked to pray for eyes and curvature of the lower spine. I prayed for her eyes and she could see better, then I had an experience I never had before. I put my hands on her lower back and as I prayed I could feel the spine straighten up. I asked her if see felt it, she said YES! I had her bend over and for first time she had no pain! Glory to God!!
  • Two ladies had issue with headache. After praying for them, I had them shake their heads side to side and thier headache gone! To God goes all the Glory!
  • Prayed for small boy who had a fever and was being held by his grandfather. After praying for him, we both noiced that the boy’s fever was gone!
  • Thank you and God Bless!

    In Him,


    February 2013 Mission Trip Agenda

    Date Crusade
    Feb 16, 2013 1st Crusade – JOSF – Novaliches Ptr. Lourdman Cabuenos
    Feb 17, 2013 Sunday Service – Novaliches Ptr. Lourdman Cabuenos
    Feb 18, 2013 2nd Crusade – GUMAOK – San Jose del Monte Ptr. Ariel Poe
    Feb 19, 2013 3rd Crusade – Franville Baptist Church – Caloocan Ptr. Rudy Baun
    Feb 20, 2013 4th Crusade – Batasan Ptr. Lourdman Cabuenos
    Feb 21, 2013 5th Crusade – John Knox Methodist – Sta.Cruz, Manila Ptr. Ester Penetrante
    Feb 22, 2013 6th Crusade – Payatas Ptr. Gerry Planas
    Feb 23, 2013 AM – Thanksgiving Fellowship – Novaliches Ptr. Lourdman Cabuenos
    PM – 7th Crusade – Church of Living Faith – Manila Ptr Elmer Arnaiz
    Feb 24, 2013 Sunday Service – Hope Church – TayTay, Rizal Ptr. Malou
    Feb 26-28, 2013 Visit New Area – Bohol, Panglao Island
    Mar 3, 2013 Sunday Service – Church of Living Faith – Valenzuela Ptr Elmer Arnaiz