October 2009

Dear Partners and friends in Christ Jesus,

Praise the Lord!!

Thank you Partners and friends in Christ!

Final Report
We seen God move in amazing ways! Blind eyes, deaf ears, back pain, headache, cripple arms and legs healed by the power of God! We saw God multiple the rice and touch His people with joy and laughter!
With God’s help and your support we had 454 Salvations and fed 1,100 families!!
To God goes all the Glory, Honor and Praise!

To be used by God was an amazing experience! All you partners who gave and prayed, had a part in what God did. Without you, we could not have done this! We thank you and God thanks you!

What a privilege and honor it was to bring God’s Love to them! Thank you again for making this happen!

God Bless You! We love you all!