October 13, 2009


Dear Partners and friends in Christ Jesus,

Mabuhay from the Philippines!!

Praise the Lord!!

Again Thank you all for giving! You are a blessing!

Trip to Borongan

Long trip from Manila to Borongan! After short plane ride to very small airfield, we road in van for 6hrs. At first it was like being in car with Mario Andretti. Driver was going 120kph in a 40kph. The roads got really bad and he slowed down. Then for rest of trip we got free back massage via all the bumps in the road!

Gotta look on the bright side!

Welcome service

Wow God showed up in a major way in our welcome service. It was for the pastors we will be working with in our crusades here in Eastern Samar.

We were so tired from our trip, but God is so faithful!! He not only energized us, but refreshed us in a major way! Thank you Holy Spirit!

The service was so amazing. The Holy Spirit came in and refreshed the pastors! You are so good to your children, Jesus! God resurrected a lot of the dreams and visions the pastors had lost.

I had never sang in the spirit from the pulpit before, but Holy Spirit had me do this and instruct the pastors to do the same. Then light a might wind His refreshing came in and covered all of us. Pastors were weeping and falling on their faces before the presence of God. You could just feel the Holy Spirit wrapping His Loving arms around them. What a privilege to witness!

Metro Manila Flood Victims

An update on Manila Flood Victims: We are trying to get together with Philippine Red Cross. The areas affected by the floods have a lot of malaria and disease breaking out due to standing water.

One of our Manila team members is trying to coordinate with local red cross and churches.

We are looking for bakery to get bread along with bottle water to victims. We still need more resources to do this, but know God will provide.

A lot of the ares are not reachable via roads being washed out. Keep us in prayer that we can get into area and bring God’s Love to them.

Once we know more I will let you know.

Keep us in you prayers for Eastern Samar Outreach Crusades.


Here is our updated schedule

(Subject to change)
Oct 13 4pm Borongan Crusade
Oct 14 4pm Omawas & Maybocog Crusade
Oct 15 4pm Maydolong Crusade
Oct 16 4pm Balangkayan Crusade
Oct 17 4pm Cabay Crusade
Oct 18 Sunday Service
Oct 19 Fly to Metro Manila
Oct 20 Outreach to Metro Manila flood victims
Oct 21   Rest Day
Oct 22 Fly back to USA