October 15, 2009


Dear Partners and friends in Christ Jesus,

Mabuhay from the Philippines!!

Praise the Lord!!

Again Thank you all, for your financial support! You make it possible!

We have already seen God healed so many people and we want to give God all the Glory! Without Him we cannot do this. It is thru the power of the name of Jesus Christ that people are healed and set free!

In Eastern Samar, we are working with Pastor Robert Guarino and his wife Sister Helen. They are humble pastors who have a heart for the people of Eastern Samar.

Borogan Crusade

God is so good! I love to play around with the children before the service starts. Making them laugh and have a lot of fun. They liked it so much that after the service they all came up to me and I got a group hug!!

During the service God healed so many people. It started out with a man who had a nerve problem all over his body. He could not stand or walk without help. After we prayed over him, the power of God hit him. I had him bend down twice, walk with him holding on, then had him walk without me. He walked and ran. It was so amazing everyone in the crowd started to clap and shout for joy. They knew who he was and what condition he was in and what God had just done to him! Praise God!

Back problems, headache, stomach problems, and heart issues, were all healed by the mighty name of Jesus!

When we were passing out the rice we did not have enough for everyone. But we have a BIG God! God multiplied the rice! Instead of handing out 100 2k bags, we were able to hand out over 150 2kg of rice!

At the end of the service, after handing out the rice, Sister Helen, Pastor Robert’s wife, brought in used clothes to give to the people. When they told the people to come forward to get the clothes, they all ran forward and when thru the clothes so fast! What a mighty God we serve!

Salvations: 36

Fed: 150 families


Omawas Crusade

The place were the service was held at was a church in the middle of a lot of nipa huts and coconut trees. After leaving main road and drive to a certain point, we had to walk to the church thru all the huts and trees. It was so cool….

Oh how God loves to touch His children! Again I love to play with the children before the service. In this place there were a lot of children over 75 of them! During the message I had the children come up to the front area (this helps to keep them quite) and I started out just talking to them. We had so much fun! The laughter of the children could be hear all over the area! I could sense that God himself was laughing with the children!

During the service, God healed so many people. It started with a small 6 year old girl who would not response to me nor Pastor Robert when asked what she wanted prayer for. The mother then told us that she was deaf in both ears. I prayed over her and God opened up her ears! Thank you Jesus! She spoke what Pastor Robert told her to say from both ears. He whispered it and told her to say it out loud. The looks on the people faces who were in line waiting to get prayed for with tears in their eyes when they saw what God did for this 6 year old was amazing. You could see faith build up in them! To God goes all the glory!

A older man was deaf in his right ear, but not for long! God healed him and the smile on his face was priceless! Another man could not see out of his right eye. I laid hands on him and could feel the power of God going into his eye. After removing my hands he could see and read the banners in front of the church! He started to cry a little! Praise God! God healed deaf ears, blind eyes, headache, arthritis, backache, fever, stomach problems, and heart issues! What a mighty God we serve!

After the service, Pastor Juliet and Pastor Roman served ginataan (coconut, sweet potato and banana porridge) to the children! They loved it! Yummy! They then served us pancit(chow main) and puto (rice cake)! I eat a lot of puto!! Pastor Roman can cook!!!

After we finished and were walking back to the car, it was so dark we had to walk back using flash lights. Lileth’s sister, a city girl, was so scared she was holding on to Lileth hands.

Salvations: 200

Fed: 150 families

Metro Manila Flood Victims

An update on Manila Flood Victims: We will be going to Ultra evacuation center in Pasig for flood victiums on Tues Oct 20th. We will be giving each family 4 bottles of water and 4 packages of crackers. At this time we only have enough resouces to hand out to 500 families. If you can please help us to reach more flood victims, just send a tax deductable donation to address below and our son, Jojo, will wire the money to us here in the Philippines. We appreciate any donations you can give.

God Bless You!


Here is our updated schedule

(Subject to change)
Oct 15 4pm Maydolong Crusade
Oct 16 4pm Balangkayan Crusade
Oct 17 2pm Cabay Crusade
Oct 18 Sunday Service
Oct 19 Fly to Metro Manila
Oct 20 Outreach to Metro Manila flood victims
Oct 21   Rest Day
Oct 22 Fly back to USA