October 21, 2009


Dear Partners and friends in Christ Jesus,

Mabuhay from the Philippines!!

Praise the Lord!!

We thank God daily for you!

Maydolong Crusade

As we traveled to Maydolong, I was praying that God have His way always. So many times we want things to happen a certain way, but its God’s way that is most important!

After getting off the main road and going thru several back roads and stopping to ask for directions, we made it. The place for our crusade was a barangay hall that was still in the process of being finished. It had a big basketball court on one side, the ocean on another side. Still without electric, someone was stringing light sockets on a 2×4 on each of the two windows and put light in each one. Talk about still in middle of building! People were packed into this small building like sardines.

God moved so much. We saw people healed in major ways. The first person in the line for prayer, was an old lady who could not hear. After we prayed for her, God opened her ears. Praise the Lord! People started to clap and talk about what God had just done! Another older lady had pain with her back and legs. After praying for her, the Lord told me dance with her and then ask her if she felt better. She did! The pain was gone! Thank you Jesus!

A older man came forward due to his left eye could not see and right arm and hand was paralyzed. After we prayed for him God open his eye and he could see and he had full use of his right arm and hands! Glory to God!!

God then took the rice and added 25 2k bags to the 100 we had and everyone, including the children went home with rice! Oh how God loves His Children!!

After service, the people fed us with fresh coconut juice and crackers! It was masarap (delicious)!

Salvations: 32

Fed: 125 families


Balangkayan Crusade

We left earlier for this crusade due to the distance from our hotel. As we were driving you could see nipa huts and coconut trees everywhere. Eastern Samar has coconut trees all over! Coconut and fishing are the main industries here.

We go off main road and then to another road, then to another, then turned around, then we found the church! The church was a simple building with a grass roof. It was surprisingly cool in the church considering the heat outside. You could look up and see thru the grass roof into the sky in some parts of the roof.

I had a lot of fun picking people out of the crowd to use in my sermon! At one point I was telling the people that God will lift you up if you go to him and I had picked two small girls and an old lady from the crowd. I picket up the girls one by one while I told them that God will lift you up, just come to him as a little child. Then I acted like I was picking up the old lady. People started to laugh and have fun!

The first person to come forward was an older lady who had a problem with her ears. After praying for her, God opened up her ears. She could hear me snapping my fingers and whispering in her ears to say Jesus! God you are so Good! An middle aged lady came up and had pain in head, eyes, ears, and noise. She needed healing from the neck up! And God delivered it! After we prayed for her, she had no more pain anywhere! Praise God!

God again added to the rice. He added 32 2k bags to the rice we were handing out. Thank you God!!

Salvations: 59

Fed: 132 families

Metro Manila Flood Victims

An update on Manila Flood Victims: We will be going to Ultra evacuation center in Pasig for flood victiums on Tues Oct 20th. We will be giving each family 4 bottles of water and 4 packages of crackers. At this time we only have enough resouces to hand out to 500 families. If you can please help us to reach more flood victims, just send a tax deductable donation to address below and our son, Jojo, will wire the money to us here in the Philippines. We appreciate any donations you can give.

God Bless You!


Here is our updated schedule

(Subject to change)
Oct 17 2pm Cabay Crusade
Oct 18 Sunday Service
Oct 19 Fly to Metro Manila
Oct 20 Outreach to Metro Manila flood victims
Oct 21   Rest Day
Oct 22 Fly back to USA