October 7, 2006

Mabuhay from the Philippines!!
Praise the Lord!!!
God has been moving mightily here!!
Now, Lord …. grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word, by stretching out Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus.” And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness Act 4:29-31
10-07-2006 – Airplane
An older Cambodia lady sitting behind us was getting sick. The stewardess tried to help the lady by putting towels around her face. Lileth talked with the lady to ask what was wrong. Lileth anointed her with oil and prayed for her and God healed her and she was no longer sick. Then later on Lileth asked her if she knew Jesus. She did not, so Lileth lead her to the Lord. She promised to go to church with her son who was a Christian. Praise God!
10-08-2006 Sunday
We had an incredible service in the home church of our host, Pastor Vic Cavuevos, in Novelicshes Metro Manila. The power of God was so strong. So many people got healed. God loved on His children and touched their lives. Two were called to be missionaries.
We had ministered last year at this church and in the neighborhood. My heart leaped to see the incredible growth in the church. They went from thirty people to now over 100! It is awesome to see first hand the fruit of a previous year’s crusade.
10-10-2006 Tuesday
We flew to Tacloban, place where Gen MacAurthor had famous “I shall return” speech. We then road in a van for 4 hrs to our hotel in Borongan which would be our home base
We meet with the pastors of the churches we are working with on this trip to go over the detail of the crusades.
10-11-2006 Wednesday
Orias, Eastern Samar
We rode a jeepney for 4 very bumpy hours from our home base. Over 80km of pot holes from heavy rains. Please pray that the government will fix the roads. The government is very corrupt here and they have been pocketing the money for personal use instead of fixing the roads.
In the jeepney a family was returning home from hospital where the old lady had an issue with bleeding. We prayed for her and felt the power of God come over her. Her husband accepted Jesus as His Lord and Savior! They were the mountains were the gospel has not been preached. They were so happy when they go off jeepney to be on boat to go home.
As we traveled we noticed that everyone lives in Nipa huts, most near the ocean or rivers. The poverty here is much worse than in Manila. Oh God help us to show your love to them!!

In the service the Lord healed many. God healed backs, headaches, breathing problems, and high blood pressure. To God goes all the Glory and Honor!!

Two stories of God’s miracles:
My wife, Lileth, prayed for a young girl whose leg was twisted. After praying the girls legs straighten up. Praise the Lord.
I prayed for a man with a large goiter. I put my hand on the growth in his back. As I was praying I felt the growth get smaller and smaller. Thank you Jesus!

We fed 125 families.
We had 45 people accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior!

Dolores, Eastern Samar
As we got to Dolores, the heavy rain came. After the rain stopped, we had our crusade. We thought that no one was going to come. Praise God, they all showed up. God multiply the rice!! We pack 125 bags of rice. After we passed out 150 bags, we still had 25 left! That was 50 extra bags!
God healed so many. Many got healed from back pain and headaches.

We fed 150 families.
We had 200 people accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior!

God’s Protection
We rode a jeepney 10km back then transferred to a public bus for rest of the trip back to home base. After being shoved into bus like sardines in a can, we had to endure a bus driver who was swaying back and forth to avoid the large pot holes.
We were rejoicing over what God had done that day and then the bus ran out of gas 4km before our stop. It was dark and I suggested we start walking. But God had already provides for us. The devil had the bus run out of gas, but God made the bus to stop in front of one of the pastor’s house who was with us. This pastor had a motorcycle with side car. Glory Hallelujah!! All 8 of us go inside and on top of side car singing and praising God for providing for us!! We thought we lost the pastor on top of side car when we hit a huge whole. But his angel made sure his feet were tucked in the back of roof. Thank you Jesus!!
God’s Provision
Lileth and I had been praying for God to provide funds, since we do not have enough to pay for two other rooms in hotel for our JIC team and Pastor Vic team. One of our JIC team members, Josie, was text a friend of hers from manila and her friend asking where Josie was. Josie text back that she was on mission in Samar. Her friend text back that she was house sitting her employer’s home in Samar. The house was just a few blocks from hotel. Josie’s friend stated that they could stay at the house with her for free!!!! They contacted the owner and ask, he stated yes, since we were doing mission work!!! Thank you JESUS!!!!!!!
God is good all the time!!!

Please keep us in prayer.
Thank you to all you partners!! You have a part in all that God is doing here!

Thank you in advance for all your financial support and prayers!