October 12, 2006

Mabuhay from the Philippines!!
Praise the Lord!!!
Traveling across Eastern Samar, we see ocean sides, mountains, nipa huts (one room grass houses), and small towns. The roads are narrow and full of pot holes for miles. Each barangay is separated by a river. The main road that you travel on, winds around the coast line. It is very nice to look at, except when you hit pot hole after pot hole. We feel as if we are riding a bucking horse for miles!! God gives you strength to endure all — Even pot holes!!!
The people are very open to hear the Gospel! They are also very grateful for rice that they receive. Most of the people live very simple lives here. They live in one room grass homes or if they have some money, then they have metal roofs. We see very few concert homes here. No traffic here. There are very few cars on the street. Children can be seen walking back and forth to school. In most cases they walk for 5km to school.
A very common site sis 10-18 Filipinos crammed into and on top of jeepneys, bus, or motorcycle with sided car.
God has given Lileth and I so much compassion for the people of Eastern Samar. We feel honored that God has chosen us to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these people!
10-12-2006 Thurs
Can Avid
We traveled 60km on pot hole filled streets. It is like riding a bucking horse for 3hrs. Your back and bottom take most of the punishment. With God’s grace and power we endure the trip. We sing to the Lord and exchange stories of how God used us in other mission trips to pass the time.

We got to the location for morning crusades and I started to play with the children. I often do this, since children are first to want to talk with the “white” Americano. I chased the children around the building and tickled them.

The Holy Spirit poured his love out to these people. About 90 percent never went to church. We saw God heal backache, headache, heart conditions, breathing problems, and clear up blind eyes.

Lileth prayed for one woman who could not see. After laying hands on her, Lileth asked her if she could see the cross at the front of the building. The lady could see it and more!! Glory to God!!

I prayed for a lady who could not see and had problem with headaches and breathing. After laying hands on her and praying, she felt the fire of God come over her. She now can see good, breath better, and has no more headaches. Praise the Lord!!

I also prayed for a lady who had a heart problem. She felt the fire of God coming into her heart. After praying she felt as if God gave her a new heart and she was feeling much better! Glory to God!!

God multiply the rice again. Two pastors, Pastor Lordman Cabuenos and Pastor Rod Diga, who were part of Pastor Vic Cabuenous’ team, were finishing packing the rice. As they packed, instead of 25 bags per 50 kilos they got 27 bags! They packed 20 extra kilos!!! God is good!!

We fed 150 families.

We had 200 people accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior!

This was an area made up of mostly senior citizens.
Once service started and Lileth was giving her testimony a middle age man came in and sat in the front row. He smelled of alcohol and had cigarette and matches in his hand. He lit his cigarette right in front of Lileth while she was speaking. It was obvious he was trying to disrupt the service. Pastor Vic asked him to smoke outside. During my preaching he came back in and sat down up front. During the healing line, Lileth laid hands on him and commanded the demon of alcohol to come out him. He became sober immediately! When alter call was given, he gave his heart to Jesus!!

I prayed for an older lady that could not hear or see very well even with her glasses. After God healed her eyes she did not need her glasses. I then prayed for hear ears. Both of her ears opened up and she heard everything I said!! Praise the Lord!

God multiplied rice again. Everyone got rice, more than 200 people. Then one 50kg bag with 25 bags was left! Glory to God!!

We fed 200 families.

We had 250 people accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior!

God is good all the time!!!

Please keep us in prayer.
Thank you to all you partners!! You have a part in all that God is doing here!

Now, Lord …. grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word, by stretching out Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus.” And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness Act 4:29-31
Thank you for all your financial support and prayers!