October 13, 2006

Mabuhay from the Philippines!!
Praise the Lord!!!
In the seven years we have been doing crusades here in the Philippines, we have never seen the power of God poured out on his people this strong. So many miracles. The blind eyes open up. The deaf hear. The weak become strong. Those who cannot walk normally, walk without pain. So many headache and backache cured I think we have put Tylenol out of business!

It has been incredible that God renews our strength everyday. Going back and forth over the long trip to the crusades everyday in the natural would wear on a person, but God has given all of us supernatural strength. We get up at 5am and return by 7pm everyday.

As we travel we talk about what God has done that day and previous days. One of the pastors, Pastor Lordman, stated we needed to get a scribe to write down everything. Since God has been doing so much we cannot write it all down!!

10-13-2006 Friday
San Julian
This church and the pastor’s home behind the church was heavily damage in the typhoon from two weeks ago. The church has been repaired, but the pastor’s home still has wall down and roof torn off.
Pastor Robert, who is under Paul Chase church in Alabang Metro Manila, sang for us. He has a very anointed voice along with a humble heart. The Holy Spirit came down and poured out His love to His children.
God healed so many people of headache and backache.
I prayed for a older woman whom God healed some many problems. She first stated that she had problem with headache. After praying for her headache and God healing it, she stated that she had problem with her eyes and poor vision. I laid hands on her prayed for her eyes and God healed them. Then she stated she had problem with her back. I laid hands on her back and prayed and God healed her back. The she ask for prayer for her knees. I went to pray for her and forgot which part of her body I was praying for. I had to ask again which part of her body we were praying for. I prayed for her knees and God healed them! God had much patience with her! From now on I will ask for all the problem to pray for up front.
Lileth prayed for a woman who was so thin and weak. After Lileth prayed over her she felt the power of God and she felt strength coming into her body! Thank you Jesus for your Strength!!

We were blessed with fresh coconut from the tree. The coconut juice tasted very good.

We fed 150 families.
We had 200 people accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior!

10-14-2006 Saturday
We traveled for 3hrs over bad roads to this church. Oh the people had gathered for 1hr before we got there singing and praising God.
So many people in such a small place. God’s power came and healed so many headache, backache, and breathing problems.
A little girl with a high fever came to Lileth for prayer. As Lileth laid hands on her the little girl started to shake all over. The Lord told Lileth to gave the girl some water. The fever left the girl and she was back playing with her friends. Thank you Jesus!!
I prayed for a lady who could not see very well. After I prayed for her, we had her test her eyes and she could see! Glory to God!

We fed 200 families.

We had 250 people accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior!

What a place! The church is just a dirt floor with roof only no side walls. This in this crusade there were about 50 mountain people never been in church before and had never had the Gospel preached to them! They came down from the mountains all around. It was amazing to see the flood of people coming down the mountain paths.
Even though the rain came down heavy the people kept on coming!! So many over 70 years old came down from the mountain! A lot of these mountain people had worn out shoes or no shoes at all. Their heart was so open to hear the Gospel! The harvest is so ripe, but the labors are so few!

A mountain woman never been to church had blurred vision after giving birth. She could not read our banner in front of the church. I laid hands on her eyes and felt the power of God flow into her. After we tested her eyes she could read our banner and much more!! Glory to God!!

There were more people that came than we had rice for. Oh how this always excites me. For it is when we do not have enough rice for the amount of people attending that God multiplies the rice. He did here. We only had enough rice for 125 families and we passed out 200 bags and had 25 left over!! Glory to God!! You are our provider!!

Again we had fresh coconut juice right out of the coconut that had just been taken off the tree. This juice was even sweater that the ones from yesterday!!
We fed 200 families.

We had 250 people accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior!

God protection again!
As we were coming back to home base, a 3 hr drive, God again protected us. We were about 18km from our home base and it was very dark. So dark that you could not see the person next to you. We had just crossed over a bridge when the vehicle we were in had a flat tire. We able to pull over to a place where there was a light and benches to change the tire. It was as if God told the devil, you can only cause a flat tire in the only place for miles were there was a light. Thank you Jesus! It so good to do the work of the Lord! He also takes care of us!! One of the pastors with us stated “The devil is bobo” (tagolic for stupid)
God is good all the time!!!

Please keep us in prayer.
Thank you to all you partners and friends who believes in us!! You have a part in all that God is doing here!

Now, Lord …. grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word, by stretching out Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus.” And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness Act 4:29-31
Our God is the Lord of the Harvest! To God goes all the Glory, Honor, and Praise!