October 15, 2006

Mabuhay from the Philippines!!
Praise the Lord!!!
It has been wonderful to see my wife, Lileth, turn into a preacher! The pastors with me stated that Lileth is a real preacher now, since she does not want to stop talking when she has microphone and she states 4-5 times “Just to make it short”, her version of “In closing”. She went 45mins one time preaching instead of giving her testimony. I was so blessed to see it happen. She was anointed!! Hallelujah!!!

The people’s hearts are so open to hear the Gospel. They are so very thankful for the rice that we give them. We told them it is from Jesus! That He loves them!!

The main jobs people have are farming and fishing. The farmers grow rice and Coconuts. The Coconuts are harvested for two different uses: 1) Eating 2) Copra. Copra is when they drain the coconut juice and cut out the actual coconut meat. Then they cut away the outside of the coconut and dry out the remaining parts. They sell it to manufactures that use it as a raw material for soap, shampoo, and coconut oil.

Even as poor as the pastors are, they are so sweet to feed us after each service. The hospitality of Filipinos is beyond words!! Filipinos have a big loving heart.

10-15-2006 Sunday
What a Glorious morning! Praise the Lord for his Joy!! This Sunday morning we arrived to the church early so I started to play around with the people. God’s joy was so strong. Normally I am not a funny guy, but this morning, under the anointing of God, I became a really funny. We laugh so much it was awesome to see the people have so much fun at church. There were people inside and outside of the church. I was very hot but the Lord kept us happy!!! We had 7 people who could not see due to contracts, open up by the power of Jesus Christ!! Hallelujah!! Glory to God!!

I can never get tired seeing God show up in such a powerful way as to multiply the rice! Oh how He want to feed His children!! We had 125 bags packed and we handed out 150 with 5 left over. Thank you Jesus! Every time I see God do this I think of the boy with the two fish and how he gave it to Jesus. We made not have enough to feed everyone, but we have a God who can. We give what we have into His hands, and then He makes up the difference and adds more!! He is a God that is more than enough!!!

We fed 150 families.
We had 150 people accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior!

We held our service in an Assembly of God Church. All the people who attended where unbelievers. Behind the church was a cemetery where local witches would hold services. As we came into the church we could feel the evil that surrounded the area. We all started to pray against the works of the enemy. We got a breakthrough!! God healed so many and everyone who came got saved! Thank you Jesus! No light bulb in the church and it was raining, but Jesus made away for us to see.
This was the service where Lileth preached for 45mins before we started. The Presence of the Lord was with her!! Hallelujah!! God opened up blind eyes and cured headaches and backaches!
God multiplied the rice by adding 30 bags to our 125 so that we had 5 bags left over.

We fed 150 families.
We had 200 people accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior!

Monday 10-16-2006
Praise the Lord!! Our last day of crusades! We traveled 1hr to our first crusade of the day. This was held in a big basketball court with stadium seating (very rare here). We got there early, so I started to play around with the children and adults that were there. I chase the children all over the place. It was so much fun!!

We fed 200 families.
The people were very open to the Gospel here!
During the service we had one lady whom could not see out of her right eye. I laid hands on her and God opened up her eye! Praise God! Hallelujah!!
One of the pastors with us, Pastor Lordman, had cast 2 demons out of a lady while we were laying hands on people. After I had finished laying hands and praying for the group in front of me, the Lord had my focus go to the lady who was on the floor that the 2 demons had been cast out. The Lord told me there was one more still in her. I commanded it to come out and the demon spoke to me and stated in a very strange voice that he was not coming out. I reminded the demon, in a very loud voice, that every knee should bow and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord. I told him to come out again and it did. The lady testified to everyone how she felt so free now!! Glory Hallelujah!!!
What would a crusade be for us if God did not multiply the rice? Well, He did again!! He added 25 bags for the people and 5 left over — 30 more total!! What a mighty God we serve!

We fed 150 families.
We had 250 people accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior!

God protection again!
Thank God for His protection! After the service we went across the street to a small canteen (a place to eat) and had something to drink and some puto (small rice cake). We then got into the multi-cab (small jeepney) to go to Borongan not knowing one of the pastors had left his bag that had our airline tickets back to Manila in it. We got 4km out and saw a beautiful beach and one of pastors, Pastor Lordman, asked to stop to take pictures. Upon getting back into the multi-cab we notice the bag was missing. We started praying and all had peace that we would find the bag. We then went back to the canteen and praise the Lord the bag was still there and nothing was missing!! We know that God told Pastor Lordman to stop the vehicle so he could take some pictures so that we would not lose time going all the way to Borongan and have to turn back to get missing bag.
This was our largest crusade. There were about 500 people in the basketball court. Pastor Robert sang and the heavens were opened!! During the praise and worship I saw a huge angel that stood about 25 feet tall! He was in front of basketball backboard with His wings opened!! The I saw an angel at each of the two doors! Then the Lord told me to look up and I saw angels all around the top. They were singing with the praise and worship leader, Pastor Robert!! Oh what a heavenly sound.
During the service, so many people where set freed and healed by God!! Several demons where cast out by the pastors! Glory Hallelujah!!

Lileth prayed for a woman who had ovary cancer and the woman felt the power of God flowing thru to her ovary! She testified of the during the testimony time.

Before the service I was playing with the children and a middle aged lady stated that she wanted us to pray for her daughter who was with her because she was deaf. I told to come forward during the healing line. She did not, but I saw the girl in line to get rice after the service. Even though I did not have an interpreter, I laid hand on her and prayed that God would heal her. I started testing her ears. First the right ear opened up a little, and then completely opened. Then the left open up a little, then open up fully. Thank you Jesus!!!

After the service, a lady came up to me and asked me to pray for her 15 year old daughter that was with her. She was having very bad panic attacks. When I laid hands on her, the Lord told me that she would be a nurse and that she had a problem with math and that God was going to open her mind to understand math better. She and her mother go so excited! I did not know them, but God gave me a word of knowledge for her!! Hallelujah!!

What can I say, God multiplied the rice!!! We only had enough for 300 families, yet we passed out rice to 425 families!!! Oh how Jesus loves to fed his children!!!!

We fed 425 families.
We had 450 people accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior!

Monday 10-17-2006
Pastor Conference
Praise the Lord! We had an incredible time at the pastor’s conference! The meeting lasted for 6hrs! I preached for 4hrs. I shared with them about thinking and dreaming big! The Holy Spirit showed up and took over the meeting and for 2hrs! He loved on His pastors! Oh the power that the Holy Spirit poured upon the pastors was incredible!! We were all crying and weeping under presence of God!!! The pastors went away on fire for Jesus!
We cannot wait till next year to come back. We are already planning with the Pastors next years crusades. We are looking at coming back to Eastern Samar Philippines, then going on to Singapore, then on to China. Yes, I said China!! With God’s help and your support we know that God will do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask or think!! So we are thinking Big!!!

God is smart the devil is bobo (tagalog for “stupid”)!!!

Along with feeding the people, we also want to pass out Bibles to each of the churches we have crusades in. We will let you know how much this will cost as soon as we find out. We know we can get them for $2.50 each now, but we have a pastor who is part of the Philippine Bible Society and he can get us a discount.

God is good all the time!!!

Thank you to all you partners and friends who believes in us!! You have a part in all that God is doing here!

Now, Lord …. grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word, by stretching out Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus.” And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness Act 4:29-31
Our God is the Lord of the Harvest! To God goes all the Glory, Honor, and Praise!