Mabuhay(Hello & Welcome)!

Praise the Lord for He is Good! What a Mighty God we serve! Thank you again partners! You made this possible! God moved in so many ways! Everyday we had miracles!

God’s Mighty Hand moved here in every crusade! We give God all the Glory and Honor and Praise!

We want to give a big thank you to several people for all of their time, energy, and resources that made this outreach so successful. We want to thank the Santarina family (my wife’s family), all the JIC workers, Doug & Robbie Foley, and the JIC Partners!

Look what the Lord has done: God multiplied the rice in many of our crusades!!!!!!!!! Praise God!

Because of your support & God’s multiplying, we were able to feed over 5,000 families ( that is over 40,000 people!) and over 7,000 accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior! To God be the Glory and honor!

We were able to pass out over 22,300 lbs (11 tons) of rice! To God be all Praise and Glory! Thank you partners for your prayers and support! You have a GREAT reward in heaven for this!

The mission trip in June was by far the best we have every experienced! So many lives were changed and hearts where turned toward our Lord!

Special Thanks
We want to thank Pastor Jesse Ramos for allowing Hope Church to work with us this year!! And also, we want to thank Pastor Joe Ramos who is the best interpreter I have ever had!! And we want to thank all the pastors of the Hope Churches who made this possible. Most importantly, we want to thank the Holy Spirit & Jesus Our Lord for showing up in each and every crusade!!

Preaching in Hope Church
On Sun night (6/2/2002) the Holy Spirit moved so much! God had me give an alter call for those who have not received the plan for thier lives that from God has for them! Around 100 people came forward! Praise His Wonderful Name! Many received a break through! To Him be Praised! The Holy Spirit move greatly and touch all who where in the service! Thank you Jesus! What an awesome God we serve!

Crusade #1 – South Cemetery Makati, Metro Manila (6/5/2002)
God touch the people who live among the dead! The people live inside the cemetery on top of the tombs! By the Grace of God these people are not very sick! Praise the Lord over 317 people raised their hands to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! We were able to feed over 100 families! Thank you Jesus! And thank you

Crusade #2 – Tondo, Metro Manila (6/7/2002)
A little history about Tondo:
Tondo is an area where people (more than 50,000) use to live in the middle of a garbage dump (for more than 20 years they have been living there). They called the place “Smokey Mountain”. About 6-8 months ago the government moved the people from the garbage dump to some old horse barns (about 34 buildings) and sent others back to the province. They placed 1000 families in each building. The building only have enough room for 16 families! The only way these people get money to feed their families is to go through the garbage and find aluminum cans, glass bottle or cardboard and sell to recycle area.

Last year over 800 people died when the monsoon (tropical rains) came and the people got crushed by the garbage sliding down on top of them.

My heart was so touched by the people! Praise God we could at least give them some food! For two to three days, 1,075 families will be able to eat good rice! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Partners! God also made 3 extra bags (75 families worth) appear already bagged in 2kg bags (God takes care of the details)! So instead of only feeding 1,000 families we were able to feed 1,075! Glory to God! Praise His wonderful Name!

God moved so much in the Tondo Crusade! God had Lileth and I pray over 70 people. Many people where touched by the healing power of God! Blind eyes see! Heart problems healed! Deaf ears opened! People with breathing problems breathing normally! Hurting knees healed! Stomach problems fixed by the power of God!

In the crusade over 2,171 people accepted Jesus as their Lord!

Crusade #3 – Basego South Pier Manila (6/8/2002 10am)
A little history about Basego:
This is a pier area where about 5000 families live in very ugly conditions. They live in small tents. A very bad odor (use your imagination) exists everywhere. A fire occured 6-8 months ago that killed more than 300 people and destroyed 3000 homes.

We had a very muddy time! The rain came down right before the crusade was to start and everyone ran to a small building that was in the middle of the area. Praise God we still had our crusade! Glory to God!

We fed 1000 families.

Over 817 made Jesus their Lord and Savior!

Crusade #4 – Sta Ana, Metro Manila (6/8/2002 4pm)
Let all the earth Praise the Lord!

One of the ladies we prayed over was an older lady (in her 70s) and she asked for strength. We know God answers prayers! About 15 minutes later, this much stronger 70 year old was bringing bucket of water back to her home. She was so very happy. Another lady that we prayed over was pregnant and overdue. God touched her and the she is no longer scared! We feed 250 families.

Over 178 people came to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Crusade #5 – Hope Church San Pedro, Laguna (6/9/2002)
Praise God! Glory Hallelujah! Praise His wonderful Name!

In Hope church’s normal 10am Sunday service, they brought 500 families who did not know Jesus into the service.

God moved so strong in this crusade. The Holy Spirit was all over everyone! Everyone could feel His loving presence! We were all overwhelmed by His power!

The president of the Gideon Bible Society for the Philippines was in the service with his wife. They had given out Bibles before the service. When I told people to come forward for healing, he was the first one who stepped forward! God healed him! Praise God! His wife asked Lileth if we gave out Bibles in our crusade. Lileth told her we would like to, but they were too expensive to bring and too expensive to purchase. The wife of the president of the Gideon Bible society told Lileth that they we help us by handing out bibles at all of our crusades from now on! Thank you Jesus!!! God works wonders!

God told me to have Jhon Reyes (my Brother-in-law, whos lungs had been miraculously healed by God several months ago) and Doug Foley (whom God set free of drugs in 1994) give their testimonies! God used them mightily!

When the people came to give their hearts to Jesus, the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong. People were in tears and you could see the Joy of the Lord in their eyes.

We were able to feed 500 families.

Over 650 people came to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Crusade #6 – Ladies Meeting – Sta Ana (6/10/2002)
Lileth had a Ladies Meeting in Sta Ana in her family home. Praise God! It was an awesome meeting!

Lileth shared her testimony about what God had done in her life, and all 45 ladies gave their hearts to Jesus!

Lileth got an idea from Pastor Kim’s (Our Pastor’s wife) ladies meetings at COTR. She gave a small gift of shampoo to all ladies in the meeting and she feed them dinner! After the meeting Lileth gave candy and toys (brought by Doug) to children who had come with thier mothers to the meeting. People were so happy! God is So GOOD!!!

Crusade #7 – Liverriza (6/11/2002)
God touched so many people here. We held the crusade on the basketball court in the park next to Liverriza. The Love of Jesus touched so many. We prayed over the sick people as a group, since we did not have the ability (too many people) to pray over them one-on-one. One man who had a heart problem felt the power of God come on him and he started to jump up and down. Others where shouting for joy for their miracle!
Praise Jesus!

We feed 500 families.

Over 618 made Jesus their Lord and Savior!

Crusade #8 – Tondo 2nd Meeting – Hope Church in Tondo (6/13/2002)
This was the second crusade for the Tondo area. The crusade was at Hope Church in Tondo. After we ministered to the people, God came and showed them His love!

We feed 525 families.

Over 678 made Jesus their Lord and Savior!

Crusade #8 & #9 – Orbis Tondo, Pangasinan (Province) (6/14/2002)
A little history about Orbis Tondo, Pangasinan:

This a small village about 4-5 hours north of Manila and about 1.5 hours north of the old Clark US Air Force base. People in this area are very poor and most of the men resort to kidnapping and hiring themselves out as hit men to feed their families. Around May 5, 2002, the Philippine military had raided a mosque in the Pangasinan area and found it to be a training area for Al Qaeda (see here for details).

But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more… (Rom 5:20)

Crusade #8:

This took place in the town square. So many people were touched by the power of the Holy Spirit and healed! We asked everyone who wanted prayer to hold up their hand, about 150 did. So Lina and I started to prayer for each one. A teenager from Hope Church, Rachel, interrupted for me when I prayed for people on one side, while Lina prayed for people on the other. I prayed for one older lady who had cataracts in her eyes so bad that she could not see. I placed my hand on her eyes and asked Jesus to heal her. When I took my hands off, I asked her (with Rachel’s help) to see if she could see any better, she said a little. So the Lord told me to place my hands on her eyes again, and I did. This time she was able to see! Praise His Name! After the people behind the older lady saw this, they started pressing in more and 300 more people wanted us to prayer over them! We saw God heal many instantly. Blind eyes opened, arthritis gone, heart trouble gone, breathing problems healed, and on and on! We could see they had overwhelming faith to believe that God would heal them! One man was so excited about his healing that he did not want the rice, he just wanted a bible! Hope Church is going to contact Gideon Bible Society and have them pass out bibles in the area as soon as possible.

God Loves His people!

God multiplied the rice again! He added 6 new bags!! Jesus, you are an Awesome God!!!!!

Over 1,215 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

We feed over 700 families here.

Crusade #9:

This was at Hope Church! So many children here! God loves to touched His people so much. I had Jhon Reyes (my Brother-in-law, whos lungs had been miraculously healed by God several months ago) and Doug Foley (whom God set free of drugs in 1994) give their testimonies again! God used them mightily!

Over 357 people accepted Jesus as their Lord! God multiplied the rice again and we had 4 extra bags to give to the people! God you are so good!

We feed over 300 families here!

Pastor Conference (6/14/2002)
The hotel normally charges $100 per hour for the conference room and we needed to have 4 hours. After my wife told them we could not afford that much, they then told my wife we could have the conference room for $50 for all four hours! Thank you Jesus for your favor!


We had a meeting with the Hope Church Pastors that were in the Manila area (about 15 of them). The Holy Spirit showed up in a major way! His presence was so strong that most of us though we were going to be rapture at that very moment! He touched each and every one of the pastors and gave them a major refreshing and a new deeper burden for the lost Philippine people! His presence in the room lasted for almost 1 hour! The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong, that when the Holy Spirit asked me to close the meeting, I could not. All I could do was praise Him!

Thank for all your faithful prayers. We can feel them. The devil tries to hinder us in may ways. But God has the victory! Thank you Jesus! God is so awesome!

Lileth & I were moved to tears and full of compassion for all the poor people who live in such poor conditions. They are so open to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The harvest is truly plentiful! Oh that we could do more! So many hurting, so many lost, so many do not know the peace, joy, and hope that comes from knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We are so very thankful to all who made Philippines Outreach 2002 possible! Lives where changed, people where healed, the poor were feed, hearts were enlightened, and Jesus was Worshiped as Lord!

Thank you Jesus!