By John Hutton

Mabuhay(Hello & Welcome)!

Glory To God! Thank You Jesus! We have a GREAT & AWESOME God! How He loves His children! How His heart longs for His children everywhere to seek after Him!!

Day by day God has flooded Lileth & my heart with more and more of His compassion for His children here in the Philippines!

We have seen the mighty power of the Holy Spirit at work! In our mission trip in June, over 5,800 Filipinos accepted Our Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior! To God be the Glory!

We were able to pass out over 16,900 lbs (8.5 tons) of rice to more than 3,725 hungry families (That is approx. 22,350 individuals)! To God be all Praise and Glory! Thank you partners for your prayers and support! You have a GREAT reward in heaven for this!

The mission trip in June was by far the best we have every experienced! So many lives were changed and hearts where turned toward our Lord!

Crusade #1
At the last minute, the original Crusade was moved to the following Sat, so we went to the slum area instead. This area is where people live on/in the rain drains (like the very large drainage ditch). We feed over 900! Thank you Jesus! And thank you partners!

We could feel the Power of God moving in such an incredible way!

Over 2,000 people gave their hearts to Christ in one Crusade! I have never been in a meeting where everyone raised their hand, till this one! Praise the Lord! Glory to God!

People who where not even in the meeting, but listening on the outside of the fence raised their hand to accept Jesus! Glory to God!

Hospicio De SanJose
We went to a Senior Citizen/Orphanage home, Hospicio De SanJose, and Lileth preached to the Seniors and all (about 25-50) gave their hearts to Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!

God allowed us to minister to the people living in one of the cemeteries!

That’s right, cemetery! My wife went to the cemetery to visit her mother’s grave. When God showed her the people living in the cemetery, her heart broke. She came back to the hotel and told me that we needed to feed them. My heart leaped! God was so gracious & faithful! Over 200 people became born-again!

Marillac Hills
We went to a home for abused girls on Thursday, June 13, 2001 and about 250 girls raised their hands to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior! Glory to God!

Crusade #2
God granted us favor with the Catholic Church, which allowed us to use their facilities (This is very rare here!). We were able to minister to the Sta. Ana fire victims. Over 2,000 raised their hands to accept Jesus as Lord & Savior! Glory to God! We prayed for so many people, we lost count!

Crusade #3
Over 1,200 accepted Jesus as their Lord & Savior! Praise God!

Family Baptize
Even on our only day of R & R, God wanted us to minister! I was able to baptize an entire family! Thank you Jesus! We had gone to a place were you can sit in the river where the rapids were (very cold!) flowing. They asked if I would baptized them, so I just baptize then in the river were we were sitting! Thank you Jesus!

Divine Connections
God allowed us to meet with pastors of local churches that shared the same vision of helping the poor that God has given to us! One of the Pastors, Pastor Jesse, has become like a brother to me! One Sunday God allowed me to preach the 9:30 & 6:30 services. The Holy Spirit moved so strong in these services! Over 100 people rededicated their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Lileth ministered to the ladies in the church between services!

I was so humbled by what I saw the Holy Spirit do in the lives of His people!

We laid hands on hundreds of people and almost all fell under the power of God!!! Thank you Jesus! Glory to God! His Name be praised forever & ever!!

God moved so strong in the evening service that no one wanted to leave, even with no air condition in the building. Pastor Jesse called us after and said that he was receiving many testimonies of families being restored and lives changed as a result of these meetings.

There are so many people to reach here. Millions are below the poverty line and are in survival mode. Most have forgotten or never heard about the Love of God and that He can give them a wondrous future! We wish we could feed all of them!

We are so very thankful to all who made Philippines Outreach 2001 possible! Lives where changed, the poor were feed, hearts were enlightened, and Jesus was Worshiped as Lord!

Thank you Jesus!