God moved mightily in our 1999 Philippines Outreach! Glory to God!

My Pastor, David Blunt at Church-On-The-Rock (COTR), has told us that God will show us what He wants us to do, but not how we are going to do it. Rather, God will reveal step-by-step how you are to complete what He wants you to do. That is true with us! God told us he wanted us to Evangelize the Philippines, but never how.

On June 12 we went to the Philippines for three weeks expecting God to move and He did! Two weeks before we went God had given my wife an idea that we were to give rice to hungry families. People at our church, COTR, had given us money to help us with this outreach. Thank you Jesus!

God opened my heart for the Filipinos! God gave me the message that He wanted to be their Best Friend!

We started by witnessing with my wife’s family that where living with my mother-in-law, they all become born-again! Then God opened up a door that would allow for us to feed the hungry and tell them about Jesus Christ!

We met with four Barangay Chairmen (see What is a Barangay?) and their assistants. We told them that God had appointed them to their positions and that they need God’s wisdom to help them in their assignment. Praise God! They all accepted Jesus! We told them that we wanted to feed 250 of the most needy families in their area (total of 1,000), they agreed to help us!

We were blessed that God hooked us up with Pastor David Sumrall and Cathedral of Praise (COP). COP has cell groups that meet in each area of Manila. Pastor Sumrall assigned Pastor Mary Ann Cornelio and Youth Pastor Ben Javier, the Pastors over the area where we were having the Crusades. Pastor Ben was my interpreter! He was anointed!

At the four Barangay Crusades, I was reminded what Jesus said: He said to his disciples, “The harvest is so great, but the workers are so few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send out more workers for his fields.” (Mat 9:37-38 NLT). God opened their hearts and many received him as their Savior! Praise God! (see Look what the Lord has Done!)

My children, Jesse %26 JoJo, sang at each of the Barangay Crusades! God used them greatly! I was amazed how the people completely listen to Jesse %26 JoJo! The children loved Jesse %26 JoJo.

I was so touched by the way the Filipinos responded to the salvation message during the Barangay Crusades! So many raised their hands to accept Jesus! (Over 500! See Look what the Lord has Done). Their Angels are rejoicing in Heaven!

After the message was given and the salvation call, we gave out the rice. We had to re-bag the rice from the 50Kg to 2Kg bags for each family. God blessed us with helpers to do this. Thank you to all that helped! You are a blessing!

We also had three street-children Crusades. We told the children we would give them some candy. I did not know how quickly news like this could spread! Praise the Lord! The children came to us! We told them that God Loves them!

Many children accepted Jesus as their Lord! Praise the Lord!

Oh, how God has touched my heart for the Filipinos! I cannot wait to go back and do more! And we will, Lord willing, in June of the year 2000! (see What is Next?)