We serve a wonderful Lord!

What an incredible work God did in the Philippines this year! To God be all the Glory, Honor, and Praise for all the wonderful things He has done!

We have seen the mighty powerful working of the Holy Spirit! Over 2,200 Filipinos accepted Our Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior! To God be the Glory!

We were able to pass out over 10,000 lbs of rice to more than 2,000 hungry families! To God be all Praise and Glory! Thank you to all the partners! You have a GREAT reward in heaven for this!

The Holy Spirit moved in the Philippine in such a powerful way! God came and touched His people and delivered them from the bondage of sin, sickness, demons, and religious thinking! We saw hearts touched by the Loving, Caring Hand of Our Mighty God! Alleluia!

As we did last year, God instructed us to tell them that He Loves and Cares for them, by feeding them! We saw people with tears of joy as they received Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

So many things come to mind as I think about what God did through us this year, I really do not know where to begin. We where able, thank you Jesus, to feed 4 times as many people as we did last year! Already we are getting requests from different areas of the Philippines. They are so hungry for God!

Barangay Outreach
We were blessed this year to be able to have 8 Barangay Outreaches! Glory to God! It was such a trill to see people’s lives changed and touched by the power of our Risen Lord!

We feed the poorest families in each of the Barangay areas. Many people open their hearts and accepted Jesus as thier personal Lord and Savior! Glory and Praise to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings!

After the Outreach, we gave rice to the poorest families in each Barangay. We had to re-bag the rice from the 50Kg to 2Kg bags for each family. God blessed us with the best helpers to do this! Also, we gave candy to the street children after we told them about Jesus! They were so happy! Jesus was happy too!

Marillac Hills
One of the places we visited that really touched our hearts was a place named Marillac Hills. The Philippine government started the facility for abused girls, but they do not have any budget for on-going operations. We brought some rice and candy for them. We witnessed and shared the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They were filled with Joy, Hope, and Love of God! Their hearts were so open to hear the Gospel!

This is a place where sexually abused girls (from 5 to 18 years old) are cared for. All the girls have been abused by their father or a family member living with them. One of the girls was possessed with the demon of fear! We prayed over her and God delivered her! Praise God!

We told them how God could be their father and that He would never hurt them. I also shared with them that I did not have a father growing up (my parents where divorced), but God became my Father and He wanted to be their Father.

Most of these girls did not trust me, because I was a man (I could not blame them after what they went through). But after God ministered to them they opened up to me! God is so good!

They were so hungry for something to fill the emptiness in their hearts! Praise God! He filled their hearts as well as giving them hope for their future!

The workers at Marillac stated that they want us to come back next year! With God’s help and your support we will!

We are so very thankful to all who made Philippines Outreach 2000 possible! Lives where changed, the poor were feed, hearts were enlightened, and Jesus was Worshiped as Lord!

Thank you Jesus!