Dear Pastors John & Lileth,

The lockdown in our province is extended until April 30, and most of the people in our community are in need of food supply because they’re only one day earners and our government cannot sustain their assistance to the people.

With this need that is arising in our community, our church is now raising up aid/help from people who are materially and financially blessed to share any amount their hearts can dispense with.

The proceeds of the financial aid that we will receive it will be purchased for food commodities and we will distribute it to the poor and needy in our community.

May you love extending help it will be a great help to the families.

Thank you so much and may the good God bless you more and more!


I just remember those years when we were feeding together in Eastern Samar, God was performing healings and miracles. Thank you Pastor for supporting our feeding ministry in the midst of this crisis. God bless you more and your family! Thank you for Jesus In Charge Ministry (JIC). God bless you all!